Rain, rain, and more rain. That’s pretty much the standard for today. After waking up at my usual 6:30 and making several attempts to get to work, I gave up and decided to work from home. Not only is my basement flooded, but the road I take to the train station is under water. Not to mention that the train station itself is flooded. Oh, and I could drive, but the highway I would need to take is underwater. I can be pretty stubborn sometimes, but these were some pretty blatant signs that I should stay in my home office!

I haven’t seen rain like this for quite a while. Working for the local paper, Brian is out covering the storms- the flood damage is incredible. Even though our basement is flooded, we are grateful that it is only a small amount of water. Once the rain stops, we’ll mop it up and put in a few dehumidifiers. So many people have way worse damage – you have to count your blessings.

So, it looks like today will be a day of sipping tea and getting as much work done from home as I can while adding in the dishes and maybe a few loads of laundry. At least working from home allows me to get a few chores done!

Not to mention, there is one “person” who doesn’t mind the rain – Frankie has pretty much taken up residence on my lap while I’m working. Talk about making the best out of a situation 🙂

I’m hoping you are all warm and dry, wherever you are!



  1. I'm working from home today as well and it is raining here too (although nowhere near as bad as where you are). Your post has reminded me to switch on the washing machine (my brain is mush today).

    I hope the rain eases off over your way soon – although Frankie may not be so impressed if it means less sitting on your knee while you work :o)

  2. Yeah, we got hit pretty bad – about seven inches of rain! I was able to get to work today, but my main route to the train was still blocked off. Definitely ready for the weekend, hopefully things dry up before Monday!

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