ZERO Days Until Closing

I can’t believe it! We close in less than 12 hours! Granted, we don’t get possession until 5 p.m. tomorrow, but as of 8 a.m., the house is OURS!

Tonight was the final walkthrough. It was so exciting to be back in the house after over two months. Initially, we were told that the sellers were moving out today, but were hoping to be done and gone by our 7:30 walkthrough. Then they were planning on heading back tomorrow to clean up. Unfortunately, when we got there, there was a big moving truck in the driveway and their whole moving crew there helping. It wasn’t ideal, but they were nice enough to wait in the garage while we walked through. It was a bit tough since they still had a LOT of stuff in the house, but we were able to confirm everything was how we remembered it, and that the repairs we had requested were made.

I have a feeling they are going to need every minute until 5 p.m. tomorrow to finish packing, moving and cleaning, but it’s alright – Brian and I are both working until 4-5 or so anyway. Thankfully, he worked a Monday this week, so he’ll have Saturday off. It’ll be nice to have a whole weekend to clean, plan, and paint!

Here’s to hoping the closing goes smoothly tomorrow morning – I can’t wait for this thing to be official – homeownership, here we come!