2314: One Week In

Technically we are about 10 days in, but since we headed back to Chicago for Mother’s Day weekend, we’ll call it an even week. It has been exciting, exhausting, wonderful, stressful, and a bunch more descriptors that I can’t even get out of my head right now.

One of my colleagues likened it to having a newborn baby – I think she was right. I obviously have not experienced life with a newborn, but I imagine this is pretty good practice.

Last weekend was pretty simple – I talked about it HERE. The week days are a bit more complicated since it all depends on our schedules for the week. Thankfully, we both got off work on time most of this week. Except Wednesday, where I had a 15 hour day out of town for work. Bri decided to stay at the townhouse after work and catch up on the MOUNTAIN of laundry we had amassed from these last few weeks. Every other night, we’d meet at the house after work and clean.


We typically stayed until about 10 or 10:30, then we’d head back to the townhouse to shower, get ready for work, and crash. I’m not trying to say we are the cleanest people on planet earth, but I also believe there is a distinct difference between your own dirt and someone else’s dirt. Our new house had a LOT of someone else’s dirt. Hence, a lot of cleaning. If you’re out there and thinking about taking out some stock in something, Clorox might be a good one right now. Or Mr. Clean.

After a solid week of cleaning, we are making progress. On Thursday, we wiped down all the trim and baseboards to prep for paint this week. I’m writing this from the road – we’re heading back from Chicago now. I decided to take the day off so we can get back, get our paint, and hopefully get the house taped off this afternoon and evening. If we stay on track, we’ll get everything painted this week/weekend, then be able to really start moving in next week. That’s if we stay on track.

How is your week shaping up? Any other painting projects out there? I’m also hoping we can get some kitchen organization set up – we are drastically reducing the amount of storage space we have. Any suggestions for storage in a small kitchen?