RAGBRAI: expect the unexpected

I had hoped to check in earlier in the week, actually, I wanted to post both here and on social media a lot more. But of course on day one, my phone got wet. We got a quick burst storm but I assumed I was ok since my phone was in a zip top bag in my pannier. When I got to camp, that pocket of my pannier was a puddle and my phone was sitting in a bit of water within the zip top bag.

It wasn’t completely soaked, but it was doing a lot of weird stuff so I turned it off ASAP. We didn’t have rice on the RV, so I used a piece of cotton and a silica pack from a friend’s vitamins. Nearly a week later and it’s still acting up, but I can at least get a quick post in. We’ll figure out my phone when we get home.

Other than water issues, RAGBRAI has been amazing. With views like this, who can complain?

It’s hard to believe we only have one day left. I feel like we were just dipping our rear tires in the Missouri River and in under 24 hours my front tire will be in the Mississippi.


I’ll do a bigger review post when I’m home and back on my computer. But for now, I need some sleep so I can ride on!