Tuesday Takeaways: August 23, 2016

I have no idea if the blog title “Tuesday Takeaways” is going to turn into a series, but it seemed to be the best way to corral all of my scattered thoughts into one quick-ish update post for you. Consider it a snapshot of life as it is. I have a few more structured posts planned for the coming weeks, some of which I’ll touch on below.

In the meantime, here are a few takeaways that have popped into my brain today:

  • The weather has turned to very early fall this week, giving us an amazing break from the heat and humidity we’ve had over the last several weeks. Unfortunately there is a downside (at least for this blog): the beautiful weather means we are still spending every possible moment outdoors, usually on our bikes. Maybe colder weather will mean more time writing and posting.
  • The turn to fall and eventually winter will also mean more house projects – I still have the long list of things we want to get to. Everything from painting the trim to a bigger attic renovation is in the works. Also in the works are a few home update posts, from our paint colors to tips and tricks we’ve picked up in the last three-ish months of home ownership.
  • This one combines two of my favorite things: being outside and food! We finally splurged and got a new grill last week. We had a camp style grill for several years, but it was so small it drove us crazy. Some kind neighbors gave us their old grill when we moved in – it was a lovely gesture and got us through the summer, but even it was slowly dying. We’ve been stalking sales flyers for the last month, but the deal came during a trip to Target: we scored a well rated Weber floor model for nearly $150 off! We finally were home for dinner to use it last night – I have a feeling it will get a lot more use this fall.
  • I placed a JetPens order yesterday (always an exciting thing for us pen-lovers)! I managed to keep it at a reasonable price and am now stalking my account history for a shipping notification. It is in packaging. In case you were wondering. I’ll see if I can do a little review post once it arrives.
  • Speaking of organization, I am working on a planner update post (and sincerely apologize to all of those who began following me for planner-related posts). Until the last month, my planner usage has been pretty boring, but I have made a pretty big change that I want to share via video… if I could find time to record one. Hopefully this weekend!
  • This fall is gearing up to be a busy one – this weekend will actually be our last plan-free weekend for a while. We’ll spend Labor Day weekend back home (outside of Chicago), then we’re camping for our anniversary the following weekend. We’ll be in town the next two weekends but have a few big in-town events planned, then we’re headed off to Colorado to ride Tour of the Moon! It will be a crazy but fun month.

I think that’s about it for now. Anyone else struggling to get their scattered thoughts down into something cohesive? As always, I’m constantly on the look out for post ideas or topics; if there is anything you’d like me to share, let me know below!