An Exacompta Forum Journal Hack

Back at the end of August, I put in my name for a giveaway over at Quo Vadis. Shockingly, I received an email a few weeks later that I had been selected as one of the winners! Within a few weeks, this Exacompta Forum Journal was at my door:

It’s a beautiful notebook – super smooth grid paper and a pleasing, almost kraft paper-like cover. The only downside for me was the size. While a 5 x 7 book is a great size, I’ve recently switched over to a pocket/Field Note sized travelers notebook. But the paper quality was so amazing, I knew I could make something work.

After a bit of finagling, here’s what I ended up with:

Since the pages were glued into the original notebook in almost booklet-like segments, I just removed the first two, cut them down, added a cover, and stapled! It isn’t perfect, but it definitely suits my needs, and fits right in my TN along with my other inserts.

The cut down version has become my daily bullet journal, and has held up really well. The only downside I can think of is that the grids are a little darker than I am used to or would like. Even still, the awesome paper quality makes up for it. Plus, I have a ton of pages left in the 192 page notebook to make a few more smaller books!

Have you ever hacked a journal to better meet your needs?


In case it wasn’t clear above, I did win this notebook in a giveaway, and did not pay for it. However, all opinions are my own. 

Oh, and please ignore my horrible nails…


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